Both Sides Now

The mid-season 1 finale.

In Inverness, in 1945, Frank is visiting Detective Collins for an update on the police investigation into Claire’s disappearance. The meeting goes badly. Collins is intent on closing the case, seeing no further avenues of investigation. Franks is however deeply disappointed, a fact he explains in no uncertain terms to the police officer. Undeterred, Collins explains how little he has had to work with including how the two wanted posters of Claire and the Jacobite Highlander and a 1000 pound (a hefty sum in 1945) reward have yielded no results.

Collins outlines his findings to date. There was no body, so Claire is most likely still alive. Also, the lack of any signs of a struggle suggest she left of her own accord. Frank adds that he knows the Highlander was involved. Collins agrees, but says Frank is a fool, and that Claire ran off with the Highlander. Frank is outraged and storms off.

In 1743, Jamie is having a picnic with Claire. They are discussing how they feel about the marriage when they are interrupted by an arrow landing close to them. After throwing Claire to the ground, Jamie examines the arrow, then laughs calling out in Gaelic to a man climbing the hill towards them. It’s an old friend, Hugh Munro.

Jamie greets Hugh, and hands him back his arrow. He asks Hugh how he knew they were there. Hugh grunts his answer, which Jamie translates to Claire, that he saw Dougal and his men  and knew that Jamie must be nearby. Jamie introduces Claire as his wife. Hugh greets Claire and toasts their marriage. He asks if he can give Claire a wedding gift. Taking a stone from his pocket, he polishes it and presents it to Claire. She thanks him for the gift, rubbing her fingers over the Dragonfly in Amber.

Jamie notes that High is wearing his gaberlunzies. He explains their significance to Claire, that they are tokens that allow Hugh to beg in each parish that presented them. Also, that Hugh was presented these because he is a special case, having been a POW, captured by the Turks and had his tongue cut out and legs covered in boiling oil to force him to convert to Islam.

Hugh has important news for Jamie. He has been contacted by  a Redcoat deserter, Horrocks, who witnessed Jamie’s escape from Fort William and knows who killed the man Jamie is accused of murdering. Horrocks wants to meet Jamie. Jamie is not convinced that he should trust a deserter, but sees this as a chance to clear his name and return home to Lallybroch.

Back in 1945, Frank is with the Reverend Wakefield. The Reverend asks if Frank suggested the Findhorn River theory to the police. He explains that Claire, while near Craigh na Dun, may have fallen into the river and been carried downstream. She could have survived on local foods using her military training. Frank is unconvinced and dismisses this idea.

Mrs Graham interrupts the two men, offering them tea. Frank says that he needs something stronger, intending to visit the local bar. Before leaving he notices the tack board on the wall, with newspaper clippings of Claire’s disappearance and photos of the the forest and stones at Craigh na Dun.

While drinking in the pub, Frank is approached by a woman. Calling herself Sally, she claims to know the Highlander from the wanted poster. Also that she can take Frank to him. Frank is keen that they do this immediately, but she says that he should meet them at Drummond Lane at 12:30, and bring the reward money. Frank asks about Claire, but Sally says she knows nothing about her. Frank drinks up and orders another.

In 1743, the MacKenzies are sitting around a fire. Jamie and Claire are holding hands discussing being back in Leoch by Christmas while everyone listens as Rupert tells a tale. Suddenly they are interrupted by the sound of others. A fight ensues. The Grants are raiding the groups supplies. The men all lock in battle, until a pistol shot by Ned causes the raiders to flee. Everyone is unhurt and they have lost only one horse and some grain.

Inverness Frank is in Drumond Lane, to meet the Highlander. As he meets Sally, he is struck from behind. Tanking a blackjack baton from his pocket he is able to hit the attacker just as a second man attacks him. Frank is able to fight both men off, knocking the second man unconscious. He continues to beat the original attacked, Sally screaming for him to stop. He angrily grabs he throat and throws her against the nearby wall. He demands to know if they know anything about the Highlander. Receiving no response he leaves.

Later, Frank talks with the Reverend Wakefield. The reverend is talking about good and evil, suggesting that Frank has drank a sip from the ‘cup of evil’ and that he should return to the light. Frank takes this as a suggestion that he should go back to Oxford. The reverend adds that Frank should rebuild his life. Frank ask if the reverend thinks that Claire ran off with the Highlander. He replies quoting Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes’ comment “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”.

At the MacKenzie’s camp, they are recovering from the raid. While Dougal sharpens his dirk, the others are looking for Jamie’s missing knife. Rupert finds it. He offers it to Jamie, who then suggests he give it to Claire for her protection. Ned suggests that Claire would benefit from knowing how to use the dirk. Angus agrees, and gives Claire her first lesson in wielding a knife.

In Inverness, Frank is packing his things, getting ready to leave. He notices Claire’s suitcase, pausing to look at a photograph of their wedding day.

Back in 1743, Claire gets a chance to use her knife skills. While making love she and Jamie are interrupted by two Redcoats deserters. They intend to rape her while Jamie is made to watch at gunpoint. However Claire makes no hesitation in stabbing her rapist to death, giving Jamie a distraction that allows him to cut the throat of the other British soldier. Jamie rolls the body off Claire and takes her back to camp.

A heated argument is going on in Inverness. Mrs Graham is intent on telling Frank what she believes happened to Claire, but the reverend is resolute against the idea. He thinks it all fantasy and nonsense. The housekeeper however demands that Frank has a right o hear her thoughts. Reverend Wakefield is dead set against the idea, not wanting to give Frank false hope. The situation is forced to a conclusion when Frank, having overheard them, demands to hear what Mrs Graham has to say.

The housekeeper explains that she heard stories from her grandmother about people travelling though stones. Also that the stones at Craigh na Dun are one such set of stones. Claire most likely passed through the stones to another time. It could be possible that, like many who pass through the stones, that Claire will return at some point. Frank is not impressed and tells Mrs Graham that he doesn’t share her beliefs. As he is about to leave Frank sees Roger staring up at him.

Back with the Mackenzies, Jamie is apologising to Claire for what happened. She doesn’t blame him, but he say that he should have made a better job of ensuring their safety. Meanwhile, Claire is steadily slipping into a state of shock. Her mind is jumping, from her parents, to men she’d seen die, to her uncle and to the feeling of stabbing of the English deserters. A nervous Willie is ordered to watch over her.

While Dougal searches the dead Redcoats, Murtagh, Jamie and he discuss Hugh Munro’s news. Dougal is wary that Horrocks, as a deserter may be equally untrustworthy as the two dead soldiers. Murtagh is of the same opinion. They all agree that Jamie should not meet Horrocks alone.

In Inverness, Frank is leaving. He has left Claire’s suitcase on the bed, and shuts the door behind him.

Back with Dougal and co, Claire is confused. She doesn’t remember mounting the horse she is on, or have any idea where they are supposed to be going. Also, she’s angry, but can’t remember why. As they stop, she asks Jamie why. He tells her that she should wait there with Willie while the rest of them go to meet Horrocks because it may be a trap and he doesn’t want her put in danger. Claire aggrieved, saying she has shown that she can look after herself. Jamie tells her he doesn’t want to have to prove it again, ans asks her to promise his she stay with Willie. Reluctantly she agrees. As the others ride off, Claire realises why she’s angry – she had forgotten about her plan to escape to the stones at Craigh na Dun.

In Inverness, Frank is driving home when he sees a stone marker pointing towards Craigh na Dun. He stops the car and turns it in the direction of the stones.

Claire is resting, with Willie guarding her. Willie announces that he needs to relieve himself. Claire tells hi to go downwind, and he heads off. With nobody watching her movements, Claire soon wanders from the resting spot. Coming to a break in the trees, she is met with the sight of standing stone. It’s Craigh na Dun! Realising that she has a rare chance to return home to 1945, Claire sets off running towards the stones.

Frank has left his car as he climbs the hill towards Craigh na Dun. While Claire runs through the forest, Frank reaches the stones. He looks at the rocks, whispering Claire’s name, then saying out loud, and then shouting out for her. Claire hears her name being called out. She call his name back. Frank looks towards the stone circle with hope, while Claire reaches out towards the stones.  Then she screams in despair! Redcoat, Corporal Hawkins arrives with soldiers and has her arrested and carted off to Fort William.

At Fort William, Captain Randall interrogates Claire. He tells her he doesn’t care about her marriage or her new status as Scottish. He’s curious about why Dougal would go to the bother of protecting her from being questioned. She claims to not know what he’s talking about. As Randall hosts the king, Claire follows suit. He tells her that he’s glad she respects the sovereign. She replies that she and all the MacKenzies are loyal to the king. Randall laughs, saying that he doesn’t believe her.

Randall drags his chair towards Claire, telling her that he’s going to use all means necessary to find out what she knows. She laughs and tells him to ask the Duke of Sandringham. This makes Randall visibly uncomfortable. He asks her what she knows about the Duke. She mocks him, saying they are obviously both in Sandringham’s employ. He counters, suggesting that he send a letter to the Duke asking for him to confirm this claim. Claire says that would be a good idea. Also, that the Duke would be impressed that Randall had discovered her identity, but equally annoyed that he has interrupted her efforts. She suggest he should allow her to continue her mission uninterrupted. Randall asks Claire is she doesn’t mean the Duchess, who pull all the strings. She tries to suggest they have never met and she deals with the through messengers. Unfortunately the Captain in unconvinced, and pull a rope from his drawer.

Claire rushes for the door. There she is met my Corporal Hawkins. Randall ties Claire’s hands behind her back and instructs the young soldier not to enter the room, no matter what he hears. He then interrogates Claire, violently throwing her about the room, pausing to ask what she knows about the Duke and the MacKenzies. As he is doing this Claire looks up to see Jamie at the window. Jamie bursts open the window, stares at Back Jack and, pistol-in-hand, tells the Captain to take his hands off his wife. Randall stares back and laughs.

This episode made use of Blackness Castle as Fort William.