Castle Leoch

Claire meets the residents of Castle Leoch.

Arriving at the Castle, the highlanders are met by Mrs Fitzgibbons (“Mrs Fitz”). At Murtagh’s request, Mrs Fitz offers to take care of Claire. However, Claire is overwhelmed by the need to tend Jamie’s wounds. In so doing, she sees his terrible scarring, and learns about the cruel flogging he received at the hands of Captain “Black Jack” Randall.

While commending Claire for her treatment of him, Jamie asks about Claire’s husband. She says that her husband is dead and breaks down. Jamie consoles her. He promises he will care for her safety as long as she is with him. He also warns her to take care when he is not around – being an English woman in Scotland.

The following day Claire meets Colum MacKenzie, Laird of the clan. He questions her, asking how she came to be alone in the middle of the Highlands. Claire tells him she is a widow and was attacked by bandits while on her way to visit relatives, then was violently attacked by Randall. He seems to accept her story. At Claire’s request he tells her that he will organise travel to Inverness in a few days time. Until then, she will be a guest at the castle.

Later at dinner, Claire is the guest of honour. She is introduced Colum’s wife, Leticia. Dougal (the leader of the group of highlander woh br), who we find out is Colum’s brother, joins them at the chief’s table. The wine flows, as do the questions, before Claire realises she is being cleverly interrogated. She quickly leaves.

The next day is eventful. Claire goes to tend Jamie’s wounds. Here she learns about the price on his head, because a British soldier died when Jamie’s friends rescued him after the second flogging. Asked why he is tell her this, Jamie say he trusts her. Pleased at this, Claire is quickly grounded when she realises that she is being watch by two of Colum’s spies, Angus and Rupert. However she later meets Geillis Duncan, whose interest in medicine and flowers quickly makes the two women friends. Ominously Geillis states that many consider her a witch, and that Claire is probably believed to be an English spy.

The same evening we meet Laoghaire MacKenzie. Colum, required by his position, is passing judgement on clan disputes. Laoghaire is accused, buy her father, of loose behaviour. She must suffer as a result. However, out of nowhere, Jamie offers to accept her punishment (to preserve her honour).  Colum agrees, and Jamie suffers a public beating from Rupert. On investigation Claire learns that Laoghaire is Mrs Fittz’s granddaughter.

At last, Claire prepares to leave for Inverness. Dougal leads her down a long passage that she, only days ago, walked with Frank. They arrive in a room where Colum is waiting. The clan chief informs Claire that he is aware of her healing skills. Also, that she is to become the clan’s new healer. Claire, wanting to leave, protest. Colum is unmoved by her complaint. She is effectively his prisoner.


The episode was filmed at Doune Castle, in Doune, near Stirling.