The Devil’s Mark

Claire and Geillis are imprisoned accused of witchcraft. While locked up, Geillis tells Claire that she poisoned her husband (Arthur Duncan), and that she is a devoted Jacobite.

Claire and Geillis are thrown in a Thieves Hole where they will be kept while the await trial. Immediately they are at odds. Geillis blames Claire for her arrest, causing Claire to lose her temper and tell Geillis that she is well aware that she killed her husband. Geillis is a little shocked at this but quickly calms down and admits that she was trying to kill Arthur slowly with small amounts of cyanide, but became impatient.

The following day, things get worse. After a cold night, the two women and dragged out of their prison. They are escorted to court, through a screaming mob and past a stake being built for their (possible?) sentence. The outlook for Claire and Geillis is not good.

When all appears lost, Ned Gowan comes to the rescue. Without Colum’s permission, he has come from Castle Leoch to provide Claire and Geillis legal defence. The judges are not keen. However Ned reminds them of the law and goads them into agreement by suggesting that allowing accused witches legal representation shows the Scotland’s legal system to be better than England’s.

The first witness is Gieillis’s housemaid. Her testimony is not helpful. She tells of the times that Geillis would go dancing naked in the forest. Ned counters that she is a bitter employee, unhappy with her position, and that she has been see looking for work at the castle.

The second witness is the woman who left her baby to the fairies. She is, unsurprisingly, angry at Claire’s interference. She believe that Claire scared off the fairies and cursed the changeling child, causing it’s death. The women goes as far as to attack Claire violently. After the fight is broken up, Ned responds. He questions the mother, making her admit that her cowardice killed her own baby and says that she should be thanking Claire for killing the changeling so the human baby can now live forever with the fairies.

A third witness is called. He tells of Geillis calling lightening out of the sky and flying off as a bird. She obviously denies it all.

The court breaks for the day. In the bustle of the moment Ned smuggles a flask of whisky to Claire.

That night the two women discuss their men. Claire can’t understand why Geillis is interested in Dougal. However, Geillis reveals that, like Dougal, she is also a Jacobite. Geillis continues by questioning Claire, asking her if she really loves Jamie. Claire is unable to respond.

The second days goes no better. Laoghaire explains how she asked Claire to brew her a love potion to attract Jamie, adding that Claire took it for herself. Claire doesn’t help, saying that it wasn’t a potion. Trying to rescue the situation, Ned says that Laoghaire is obviously a jealous young lass with a broken heart. However, his efforts are lost on the crowd.

Next it’s Father Bain’s turn to testify. Despite initial expectations, the preacher’s applauds Claire, telling of her efforts to save the child, Thomas Baxter. In frustration he also asks to leave his duties and the parish because he is “no longer worthy”. Unfortunately this only increases the crowd’s distrust of Claire, having turned the priest away from the church.

The courtroom quickly descends into confusion. As the crowd descend on Claire and Geillis, Jamie bursts in! He pulls his sword, threatening anybody who may harm his wife, but he is outnumbered. Geillis saves the day for Jamie and Claire. Sacrificing any chance of being saved she rips off her dress, revealing her ‘Devil’s mark’ (and that she is from the ), a modern-day smallpox scar. As the crowd surround her, Jamie takes the opportunity to escape with Claire, telling her they are going home to Lallybroch.

On their way to Lallybroch, Claire has more questions to answer. Jamie wants to know why she also bears the mark of the Devil. Claire has no choice to explain that she is from the future, and that arrive through the stones at Craigh na dun. Also, that she has a husband in the 20th century. Jamie is crushed. He takes her to the stones and says farewell. However, as he rides off Claire chases after him, declaring that she has chosen to go with him to Lallybroch.