The Wedding

Claire and Jamie get married.

The episode opens in 1940s London with Claire and Frank are passing a registry office. Franks stops them and asks Claire if she is ready. She asks what he means. He points to young couple, just married. Claire is happy at the idea, but somewhat surprised. She asks about the whether Frank wants a church wedding, and would his parents not want to attend. He acknowledges her concerns, but wins her round, and asks her to marry him. She says yes.

Back in 1740s Scotland a priest tells Jamie “you may kiss your bride”. The are in a church surrounded by Dougal, Ned and the other highlanders, all applauding loudly.

At the bridal chamber, Claire is thinking about her life while waiting for Jamie. When he arrives she comments on the rowdy wedding party still going on. He tells her that they are likely to continue the celebrations until they hear evidence of the marriage being made official. She sarcastically suggests that maybe they want to watch. Jamie jokes that Angus and Rupert probably do. They laugh and enjoy some whisky.

Claire wants to know why Jamie agreed to marry her. She understands that she had no choice, but wants to understand his reasons.

A flashback shows the clansmen discussing Claire marrying Jamie. Ned and Dougal see no other way out for Claire to avoid further questioning by Randall. Murtagh is wary. He want nothing to do with what might be viewed a rape. Dougal tells him it’s not rape, and that Claire will understand the situation. He continues, telling Jamie that he could do much worse than bed Claire. Jamie doesn’t take this well, being offended that his possible future wife is being likened to a whore. Dougal underlines that there it’s more than a possibility and that they should all respect she kept quiet while suffering Randall’s beatings.

Claire tells Jamie that she concludes that he married her to keep her safe. Jamie agrees. He adds that she is now a Fraser, a member of his family and clan, and that he’ll protect her when needed. She asks about his family, learning about Jamie’s father, mother and aunt’s, and how Colum had hoped to marry his mother. Jamie also learns about Claire’s family. They drink and Claire becomes more relaxed, being entertained by Jamie’s accounts.

Angus and Rupert burst into the room. Jamie angrily asks them what they are doing, to which Rupert answers that Dougal sent them to see if they had sex yet. Offended at the intrusion Jamie kicks them both out. Returning his attention to Claire, they both decide to to go to bed. They don’t intend to have sex, but start kissing and end up making love.

Claire feels uncomfortable. She considers her actions and bigamous and adulterous, but admits to herself that she enjoyed making love to Jamie. Feeling uncomfortable, she tells Jamie that she is hungry and needs some food. Rushing out of the room she is met by cheering from the men seated below. Jamie beckons her back into the bedroom offering to go and get her some food. While doing so, Dougal advises Jamie to not seem too keen to do as his wife suggests.

Jaime returns to Claire, telling her what Dougal said. She is not impressed. Jamie tells her not to worry, joking that he is happy to be under her spell. He refers to her as his ‘mo duinne‘ which means ‘my brown-haired lass’. Confessing that she always though it a dull brown, Claire is further impressed by him saying that it is “like the water in a small stream”. She takes this moment of levity to ask about Jamie’s change of kilt for the wedding. In a flashback, a conversation between Jaime and Murtagh reveals that the kilts were camouflage to prevent unwanted attention, from swarming Redcoats, that Jamie is a Fraser. At the same time we learn that Murtagh had affection for Jamie’s mother, and that his full name is Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser.

Jamie tells Claire about his conditions he set Dougal for agreeing to marry Claire. One was that the wedding be conducted properly, with a priest leading the ceremony. Another was that a ring be crafted from a key he carries. A flashback shows Rupert and Angus organising for a blacksmith to make the ring, but we are left wondering about the lock to which the key fits. And the third is that Claire be wed in a dress fit for a wedding. This last task is shown in a flashback with Ned buying a dress from the madam at a local brothel.

We next see a flashback to the wedding. Jamie  steps out of the church, where he meets Claire. A woman takes off Claire’s cloak revealing her in her wedding dress. An impressed Jamie bows and complements her. She says that she feels bad that she doesn’t even know Jamie’s full name. He tells her it is James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser. In reply she tell him that her’s is Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp. Dougal is impatient, and tells them to get on with it.

Standing before the priest, Claire marries Jamie. Before they start, Claire removes, but hangs on to her gold wedding ring. At the priest’s guidance they exchange their vows. The priest then blesses Jamie’s ring and watches are Jamie put on Claire’s finger. Next Dougal takes Jamie’s dirk and cuts a slash on both Jamie’s wrist, then Claire’s, and presses their bleeding cuts together. Jamie responds by saying “You are the blood of my blood and the bone of my bone. I give you my body that we two may be one. I give you my spirit till our life shall be done”. At the priest’s instruction, Jamie gladly kisses his wife.

Back at their lodgings Dougal brings Claire some news. He has returned from telling Captain Randall the news of the wedding. She asks how Randall responded. Dougal says that the Redcoat was livid, but that she shouldn’t fear any further questioning from the British officer. She thanks him for the good news. He reciprocates by commending her for her strength of character, holding out against Black Jack’s interrogation. He complements her further, making inappropriate offers. Fortunately for Claire, Rupert appears, giving her the chance to thank him for the ring and to return to Jamie. As Claire closes the door on them, Rupert comments to Dougal that Claire looks like she has had sex with Jamie. Dougal is angered by this and orders Rupert away.

Inside the room Jamie wakes up. Seeing Claire, he reaches into his sporran, revealing a pearl necklace. He says it’s made od Scottish pearls and that it was his mother’s. Also, that it is one of the few things of her’s that he still has and that he hold it very precious, like Claire. They embrace and make love.

The following morning Jamie heads down stairs for breakfast. He leaves Claires, telling her to meet him downstairs, and to hurry before there is no food left. Left alone, Claire shakes out her wedding dress. Her gold wedding ring falls to the floor. Catching it before it falls between the floor boards, she put it on her left ring finger and looks at both wedding rings on her hands.


Locations used in this episode include John Street, Glasgow, behind Glasgow’s City Chambers. This was used for the City of Westminster’s Register Office where Frank proposes to Claire. Glencorse Old Kirk, near Edinburgh, was used for Claire and Jamie’s wedding.