Bakehouse Close, Edinburgh

Bakehouse Close is the site of Carfax Close, home to Alexander Malcolm’s print shop. It is here that we see Claire reunited with Jamie after years of separation. Playing host to such a pivotal scene, the close is sure to become one of the iconic locations of Outlander. It is our expectation that Bakehouse Close will compete with the likes Midhope Castle (Lallybroch) and Kinloch Rannoch (Craigh na Dun) as the favourite destination for fans.

Considered, by many, to be the best preserved Old Town close in Edinburgh, Bakehouse Close gives a good impression of what living in the old city must have been like in the 18th century.

Bakehouse Close Entrance

Bakehouse Close

Immediately inside the entrance, you can see the stairs that lead up to the print shop door. There is no wooden cover over the stairway, but there is no doubt that we’re at the iconic location. You can’t open the door, but it you want to walk the same steps as Claire, go for it! 🙂

Bakehouse Close

Bakehouse Close

The close was used for much more than the print shop. A number of scenes use the close to represent Edinburgh streets.

Bakehouse Close Doorway

More significantly perhaps, is that it is the location of the brothel where Jamie resides, directly opposite the print shop. If it’s unlocked, as shown below, you will be able to have a look in at the brothel doorway through the wooden gateway. Interestingly the building concerned was once a real brothel, know as The Cock and Trumpet.

Bakehouse Close Open Doorway

Bakehouse Close 'Brothel' Door

Below are a couple of photos supplied by local jewellers, Hamilton & Young, show the close set up for filming.

Edinburgh Filming Location

Edinburgh Filming Location

Comparing these filmset images with current day photos, we can see how thorough the design team were to completely remove (or cover?) all modern structures, including the metal railings on both sets of stairs.
Film set images provided by Hamilton &  Young

How to get to Bakehouse Close

Visiting the close is relatively easy. Located in Edinburgh’s Canongate district, and just off the Royal Mile, it is best reached on foot. Interested Outlander fans can find the entrance to the close on the Royal Mile, uphill from the Scottish Parliament building or downhill from Edinburgh Castle.

Two buildings that may help you find Bakehouse Close are the Canongate Kirk and the Museum of Edinburgh. The entrance is adjacent to the museum and directly across the road from the Kirk.