Canning Street, Liverpool

The Outlander team were seen filming in Liverpool’s Canning Street. This was in early November, 2022.

As of January 2024, we are half way through season 7 and have yet to see this location on screen.

Outlander filming at Canning Street, Liverpool

As reported by fans, various Outlander actors (Sam Heughan, David Berry and Charles Vandervaart) were seen filming in Liverpool.

Outlander season 7 filming, Liverpool

There was some talk that the streets’ Georgian architecture was being use to portray Philadelphia. Also, we understand that George Washington makes a reappearance before Claire and Jamie return to Scotland. We have to wonder if this is what was being filmed.

Outlander filming at Canning Street, Liverpool

Image credits: @andyteebaypics, @andyteebaypics