Season 7 Locations

The Outlander crew have found some top Scottish locations for filming season 7 of Outlander.


John Muir Country Park
Seen in episode 7.2, this location is used for as the site of Ocracoke stone circle. For this reason, and for being a beautiful place to visit, it is sure to become attract visits from Outlander fans.

John Muir Trail Ocracoke Location


Sloy Dam
The dam at Sloy Power Station and Dam is used to represent the dam at Loch Errochty Power Station where Brianna works as the station plant inspector.

Sloy Power Station Dam


Duncarron Medieval Village
This educational centre appears in Outlander as Fort Ticonderoga, where Claire and Jamie are stationed prior to the Battle of Fort Ticonderoga and the Siege of Fort Ticonderoga.

Duncarron Medieval Village


Canning Street, Liverpool
Still to appear, in the second half of season 7, Liverpool’s Canning Street is believed to represent Georgian Philidelphia.

Outlander season 7 filming, Liverpool