John Muir Country Park

Used as the filming location for the stone circle at Ocracoke, John Muir Country Park, near Dunbar, is certain to become a popular site for Outlander fans to visit. But it will be remembered for other scenes too.

John Muir Country Park is located at the eastern edge of the John Muir Way, a continuous 215 kilometre long-distance route across southern Scotland.  A scenic wooded area with stunning coastal views, it was well chosen for it’s part in Outlander.

Most notable is it’s use as the site of the Ocracoke stone circle. It is here, in episode 7.2, “The Happiest Place on Earth”, that Brianna, Roger and family say good bye to Claire and Jamie and travel back to the 20th century.

John Muir Trail

The two images below show the Outlander team at work at the stone circle.

John Muir Way Ocracoke from beach

Our suspicion is that this site will become almost as iconic as the Craigh na Dun site at Kinloch Rannoch. And with ample car parking and being close to Edinburgh, it will be a much easier journey to get there.

John Muir Country Park - Outlander Filming Location

John Muir Country Park Camp Site - Outlander

Quite a few fans also found this battle camp. Located not much more than 100 metres away from the Ocracoke site, this is an added bonus for all of looking to visit as many filming sites as possible.

John Muir Way

The site is easily to access. Located at the very end of the John Muir Way, it is easily accessible on foot, passing the nearby alpaca farm before reaching the coastal site. Similarly, the Linkfield Car Park is conveniently located nearby.

Image credits : Suzy Taylor (@suz72) and stewart (@stewart9395)


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