Outlander Locations in Scotland

Most Outlander filming locations are in Scotland. As well as the vast majority of the first 3 seasons being set there, the production being based in the Scottish town of Cumbernauld, makes it the easiest place for the cast and crew to work. And if that’s not enough, the stunning beauty of the country, awash with historically significant sites, make it a pleasure to work there.

There is a wealth of Scottish Outlander locations to visit, almost too many to mention. However, here are a few we recommend :

  1. Kinloch Rannoch – site of the iconic Caigh na  Dun.
  2. Culross – this historically-preserved town in Fife was used as Cranesmuir.
  3. Doune Castle – this impressive castle near Stirling was the location used for Castle Leoch.
  4. Glasgow Cathedral Crypt – used as L’Hopital des Anges.
  5. Midhope Castle – the South Queensferry tower house used to represent Lallybroch.