The lovely town of Culross, in Fife is the location for Cranesmuir. Here we find Geillis Duncan’s house and the historically picturesque town square where Geillis is sentenced to burn for being a witch. It is also here that Jamie and Claire rescue the thief, Tammas, when his ear is pinned to the post. Much of the town was painted a dark grey colour for filming, which has reverted to the original white Despite this, there is no mistaking this idyllic-looking location.

Later, in spring of 2018, the Outlander cast and crew returned for season 4 filming. This time, with Nell Hudson, a scene was filmed using a house near Mercat Cross. We look forward to finding out more when season airs at the end of the year.

Used in several season 1 episodes, Mercat Cross acted as the centre of Cranesmuir. As shown in our second photo, this is the site of Geillis Duncan’s House. With narrow roads, the streets of Culross are almost free from traffic, making it easy to imagine life in the 18th century.

Mercat Cross, Culross

Culross - Geillis's House

Street looking up to Mercat Cross

Street looking down from Mercat Cross

Laoghaire house