Sloy Dam

First seen in season 7, episode 5, ‘Singapore’, Sloy Dam, or to give it its full name Sloy Power Station and Dam, is one of the dams used to represent the Loch Errochty Power Station  where Brianna starts work as the station Plant Inspector.

Located at Loch Sloy, and near the well known Loch Lomond in the west highlands, the Sloy Power Station and Dam is one of many hydro-power stations providing power to Scotland.


It was used for the tunnel scenes, when Bree’s work colleagues lock her inside, and she has to make her way through the tunnels to another exit. On the way she discovers what appears to be a time portal.

Completed in 1951, Sloy Power Station and Dam is the largest conventional hydro power station in the UK.

Sloy Power Station Dam