Dunmore Park House

Dunmore Park House in Falkirk was used in the first episode of Outlander as the field hospital where, as a war nurse, Claire treats wounded soldiers.

Built in 1822 for the 5th Earl of Dunmore, his family occupied the building Dunmore Park House until 1911. It was sold as private residence, later being briefly used a girls school from 1961 to 1964. Since then it has fallen into disrepair. As a consolation, this means that the house is free, and easy, to visit.

Dunmore Park House

Image by Helen Grant

Dunmore House

Image by Urban Glasgow

Dunmore House - Outlander scene

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Accommodation near Dunmore House
The nearest towns are Airth, Alloa and the larger Falkirk. Airth and Alloa are short drives from the Dunmore House. Falkirk is slightly farther. However, it has a greater selction of accommodation as well as some nearby iconic landmarks, including the famous Kelpies.

The Annex at Dunmore House : You cant get any closer than this one-bed apartment next to Dunmore House