Newhailes House, Musselburgh

Newhailes House, in Musselburgh near Edinburgh was used for season 4  Outlander filming in November 2017. It was seen in the season 4 premiere, ‘America the Beautiful’ as Governor Tryon’s residence in North Carolina. We see it when Jamie sits down with the Governor to discuss land grants.

Built in the 17th century, and originally called Whitehills, Newhailes House was home to the the influential Dalrymple family.

Newhailes House

This Palladian house now is a property of the National Trust for Scotland. It can be found in 80 acres of parkland on the edge of the town of Musselburgh.

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How to get to Newhailes House
Located near Musselburgh, just east of Edinburgh, it is Newhailes House is less than 30 minute travel from the Scottish capital. Options are car, bus, train :

Car : From the centre of Edinburgh, drive east in the direction of Musselburgh. The quickest route goes via Portobello, before reaching Newcraighall. There you should see signs on Newhailes Road directing you to Newhailes House.
Bus : Take the number 30 bus to Newhailes Roundabout. A few metres back from the stop you will see the entrance to the house.
Train : Take a local train from Edinburgh Waverly to Musselburgh. From there, either walk 5 or 6 minutes or catch the number 30 bus to Newhailes House.

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