Pollok Country Park

Pollok Country Park is a large public park located on the south side of Glasgow, Scotland. It is well known for a number of reasons including being home to the police mounted and dog-handling divisions, the famous Burrell Collection and Pollok House. It also has many wide open spaces that are ideal for filming outdoor scenes for Outlander.

The park was first used to portray the surroundings of Castle Leoch. Later, in season 2 it doubled for the French countryside, scenes filmed including the duel between Jamie and ‘Black Jack’ and when Murtagh holds up the Comte’s wine shipment in the forest. Most recently it appeared in Outlander season 4 as the site of the Carolina Scottish Festival attended by Roger and Bree.

Pollok Park Outlaner DuelHere we see a photo of the actors preparing for the infamous duel scene. It took us some time to locate the exact spot. However, if you look at the image of the bridge below, you can see the waterfall that is also at the bottom of this picture. This point to the duel taking place across the stream from the stable buildings.
Image source : fenchurchly @ ontd-sassenach.livejournal.com

Pollok Park
Above is a path we came across by accident. We immediately recognised it as having been used in more than one scene. It looks, to us, like the forested area that Jamie and Fergus ride through in “Best Laid Schemes”. It was, we suspect, reused for the scene where Murtagh ambushes the Comte, relieving him of his wine shipment.

Pollok Park

Pollok Park
This bridge and the field with the stables in the background will be familiar to those who have watched "Best Laid Schemes". Jamie and Fergus ride across these on their way to L'Havre to give the Comte St Germain's men fake smallpox.

Pollok Park

Pollok Park Car Park
This car park doesn't appear in any Outlander episodes. However, during filming of "The False Bride" it was full of American cars from the sixties. For visitors' reference, it lies between Pollok House and the field used for this episode.

Pollok Park
The road leading from the car park into the the field used for the Scottish festival.

Pollok Park - Outlander Scottish Festival
One of our friends, and fellow Outlander fan, Andree Poppleton took the above photograph. It shows the Scottish Festival set almost finished and ready for filming.

Pollok Park
Above and below is the field used for the Scottish festival scenes after the Outlander team have been and gone. The photos were taken about one week after the filming. The crew had done a great job of returning the field to its original state. However, you can still see some impressions in the turf, where cars were parked and buildings set up.

Pollok Park

Pollok Park map


How to get to Pollok Park
Good roads, easy parking and excellent public transport makes travelling to Pollok Park easy.

Car : Located centrally in Glasgow, and close to major roads, the park can be reached by car without difficulty. Also, on arrival, there is ample parking for visitors. There are two car parks. One (perhaps the most convenient) is located next to Pollok House (see above). The other, larger car park, is next to the Burrell Museum, which is a 20 minute walk from Pollok House.
By train : There are several train stations close to the park. The three most convenient include Shawlands (our favourite), Pollokshaws West and Crossmyloof. Although all are within reasonable walking distance (20 - 30 minutes walking) of the park, we would not recommend this option to those travelling with children.