Tullibardine Chapel

Used in “Vengeance is Mine”, Tullibardine Chapel is the church where Jamie, Claire and company shelter/hide out on their journey north. While there, they are harassed by a band of Redcoats who force them to ‘release’ Claire who they believe is a prisoner of the Scots.

Dating as far back as 1446, Tullibardine Chapel is a pre-Reformation chapel. It is believed to have been established by Sir David Murray who lived at the nearby Tullibardine Castle.

Tullibardine ChapelTullibardine ChapelTullibardine ChapelTullibardine Chapel






Opening times and prices
1 April to 30 September
Although, only being open in the summer months, the grounds of Tullibardine Chapel can be accessed all year round. The photos above, for example, were taken in November.