University of Stellenbocsh

Although most Outlander filming in South Africa took place at Cape Town Studios, the cast and crew were also seen at the University of Stellenbosch. They¬†were spotted filming at the impressive Faculty¬†of Theology building. It is understood that this impressive building will be seen in as the Governor’s mansion, where Claire and Jamie are invited to attend the party.

This is one of few South Africa locations that fans can visit. Cape Town Film Studios is inaccessible to the public, not offering much-desired studio tours. In contrast, this university building is visible to anyone who wants to wander by. So, it could be the premier Outlander location to visit in South Africa.

University of StellenboschUniversity of StellenboschUniversity of Stellenbosch





Image sources : Wanda Serrano, Outlander TV News, zeldablessed