Wilton House

Two of the rooms (Double Cube Room and Single Cube Room) as well as the south lawn and the Palladian bridge at Wilton House appeared in season 2 of Outlander. They were used for scenes at Versailles Palace.

Although we were not allowed to take photos of either the Single Cube Room or Double Cube Room, we found the staff very helpful. They were able to tell us all about the Outlander filming, including how the crew specially built the impressive corridor leading to the Palladian bridge.

Wilton House EntranceWilton House FrontWilton House Back

Wilton House BridgeWilton House Bridge

Wilton House BridgeWilton House BridgeWilton House Bridge

Located just west of the English town of Salisbury, Wilton House is easily accessible by car. There is also a bus service stopping nearby. And don’t forget that the stone circle at Stonehenge is only a few miles away.

Wilton House