Tweeddale Court, Edinburgh

First seen in “A. Malcolm”, episode 6 of Outlander season 3, Tweeddale Court is used as one of the streets in 18th century Edinburgh.

Tweeddale Court is an interesting location with rich history. Including Tweedale House at the far end of the court, it dates back as far as 1576, the house (and court) being named after the Marquess of Tweeddale, a senior adviser to King Charles II. Like many historically significant streets in Edinburgh, it is currently still in use.

Tweeddale Court Entrance

Tweeddale Court

The court includes a few interesting features. One is part of the King’s Wall, that marked the historical city boundary, and dates back to the 15th century. Another point of interest is the the lamp post near the entrance. This was one of the first gas-powered fixtures to be introduced in the whole of Scotland.

Tweeddale Court Filming Location

Tweeddale Court Filming Location

Film set images provided by Hamilton &  Young

Outlander Locations near Dowanhill Street
There are many other filming locations close to Tweeddale Court. One of these is the ever-popular Bakehouse Close, used as Carfax Close, where Alexander Malcolm’s print shop can be found.Another is the Signet Library, used for the Governor’s party.