University of Glasgow – Melville Room

We get to see the Melville Room at Glasgow University in the ‘The Battle Joined’, the premier episode of Outlander season 3. It is seen as the room at Harvard where Claire attends a reception with Frank. She meets his boss, who insults her, dismissing her female opinions as unnecessary. We see the room later at Frank’s memorial reception.

The Meliville Room is inaccessible to the general public, the whole floor being off-limits to all but university staff.

Melville Room

As the above and below images suggest, the room is hired out for a number of purposes – board meetings, receptions, formal and informal dining, cabaret and theatre. And filming too, thankfully. 🙂

Melville Room

Glasgow University, Outlander filming

Our research had suggested that the room was on the first floor (2nd floor in USA) next to the main entrance. Images of the film crew outside confirmed this to be true.

Melville Room, Outlander

Outlander Locations near the Melville Room
The closest filming location is the cloisters and Glasgow University Main Building, seen in the show immediately after Frank’s memorial reception. Next closest is Kelvingrove Park, where Claire pushes Bree in a pram, across a bridge, passing a  piper on the way.