Diana Gabaldon reveals that Outlander will end with book 10


Big news for Outlander fans!! Diana Gabledon, in an interview with EW’s Lynette Rice at EW PopFest, revealed that that the Outlander saga will probably end with book 10.

How the story of Claire and Jamie will end is one of the big questions Outlander fans have been asking. And it seems that author, Gabledon has given the answer. Although not conclusive (she said ‘probably’), it seem that the the tenth book will see us to a, hopefully happy, conclusion. And it will tie in with the mystery of Jamie’s ghost, seen outside Claire and Frank’s hotel room.

Frank’s meeting with Jamie’s ghost has never been explained. The scene is left unresolved as Claire’s story moves on to her being flung back in time, and her subsequent adventures.  However, it seems patience and loyalty will be rewarded with an explanation. Gabledon declared that “It’ll be the very last thing in the last book”.

So all will be revealed, but we will have to wait a while.