Dramatic rise in rescues at The Devil’s Pulpit.

Devil's Pulpit

There has been a dramatic rise in the numbers of rescues at The Devil’s Pulpit. As reported in the Scotsman, there has been a significant increase in emergency services (Mountain Rescue) being called to the deep gorge at Finnich Glen.

The Devil’s Pulpit is recognisable as the Outlander location used as Liar’s Spring in the season 1 episode, The Garrison Commander. It is here that fans will remember Dougal offering Claire water from the spring, to test her honesty. Like other sites used in the show, this location has attracted a significant amount of interest, and visitors. Some of these visitors are getting into danger.

Devils Pulpit

The conditions in the gorge are more dangerous than many first think. The Carnock Burn that flows through the gorge is often shallow and peaceful. However, depending on recent weather conditions, it can be much deeper. The water, in the shadow of the gorge, can also be much colder than many expect during summer months. This can quickly lead to hypothermia for anyone who falls in. Also, there are few easy ways to climb out of the gorge. And no mobile phone reception. All together, this conspires to create a potentially dangerous environment for those not adequately prepared.

A spokesman  for Lomond Mountain Rescue Team has issued a safety warning for all those intending to visit the area.

“A visit to the Glen can be a memorable experience but we would like to bring to the public’s attention several safety concerns and potential hazards.”

“There are very few points where it is safe, or indeed possible, to climb out,” he added.

We are in strong agreement with the above comments. Those looking forward to visiting the area, shouldn’t be put off. However we strongly advise them to listen to professional advice when doing so, and to research the area before going. The experience will be well worth the effort.