Outlander season 4 – filming coming to a close

Sam and Caitriona

The Outlander cast and crew have been back at work. Filming seems to have started back the day after Sam Heughan ran the Edinburgh Marathon. Hopefully he had time to recover. However, it seems that everyone has been hard at work. Reports have pointed to 2 locations being used  – the previously-used Cumbernauld Glen and a new site further north at Faskally Forest, near Killiecrankie.

Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe and John Bell were back on set at Cumbernauld Glen on 28th May.

News from the location was a bit scarce, with no reveals about what was being filmed. Then, over a week later Sam and Cait released a photo showing them together, between 2 large trees. Presumably they had just finished that batch of filming.

We’ve been hearing about the Faskally Forest site since 6 June. At first it was difficult to predict what was the plan for filming. However, recent news about the arrival of First Nation Canadians strongly points to filming of scenes where Jamie and co. meet with the indiginous population.

Chatter points to the work at Killiecrankie being the final filming  of season 4. Presumably it is then handed over to the editors who will do their magic to give us the final product in November. It’s going to be a tough wait.