The final days of Outlander season 4 filming

Loch Faskally

The Outlander team are only days away from completing season 4 of our favourite time-travel drama.

Anyone who has been keeping up with news and views will be aware of the the last block of filming has been taking place. Caitriona, Sam and co. were seen at Cumbernauld Glen. Then, with the arrival of the native Canadian actors, cast and crew moved to Faskally Forest, not far from Pitlochry. Reports were pointing to filming finishing around the end of June. A recent tweet by Sam Heughan now suggests work will end on or around 4th July.

As mentioned in our previous post, there has been signs of the Outlander crew at Faskally Forest since at least 6th June. Further sightings have shown that at some filming has been taking place next to Loch Faskally.

We expect that most of the cast will be working up to end of filming. That said, there have been no sightings of the main actors. Cesar Dumboy (and Lauren Lyle?)  are finished their work, so they have an excuse. However, expectation is that Caitriona, Sam, Richard and Sophie are all still on set. Hopefully, we’ll see them, and they’ll stop to say farewell when it wraps up for the season.