Outlander season 4 all wrapped up

Outlander wrap party

It’s been a week now. Filming of season 4 of Outlander wrapped up on July 5. As reported by Sam and Caitriona in the @Outlander_STARZ tweet shown below, season 4 filming is finished. The production team now have all the material they need to create 13 episodes for our viewing pleasure later this year. It was time to celebrate!!

True to tradition, it was time for a wrap party. All the cast and crew were treated to an evening of merriment (alcohol and questionable behaviour). And it seems that it was universally enjoyed.

John Bell in particular seemed to have fun, partying with other cast members.

So what now? As far as we’re aware that’s it until November. Season 4 will air then, and we understand that filming for season 5 will be starting at the same time. ‘Droughtlander’ is always tough, but the cast and crew deserve a break. And with seasons 5 and 6 agreed, we know we have much to look forward to. Thanks again to all involved. Keep up the good work!