Outlander season 5 sneak peek

Young Jamie

Great news for Outlander fans! A video containing a sneak peek clip of Outlander season 5 has been released. Included in it are a younger Jamie and Murtagh, presumably talking about Jamie’s mother. We also see an ‘up-to-date’ (late 1700s) Jamie and Roger talking about Bree and Roger’s impending wedding. And there definitely seems to be a wee bit of father-to-son-in-law tension.

We noticed that the video is called ‘First Outlander 5×01 Sneak Peek Clip’. Maybe it’s not wise to be greedy. However, we’re hoping that this may meant that we can expect a second in the coming months. Our expectation would be something including at least one of Claire or Bree. Let’s hope so. 🙂