Abercorn Church and Cemetery / Graveyard

Filming for season 4 took place at this churchyard in Linlithgow. We don’t know which scenes it will be used for, but look forward to finding out in November.

Abercorn Church is a located near Queensferry and the southern side of the Forth Road Bridge. It has a rich, and lengthy history. Dates on the building and gravestones tell us that the site has a history going back at least as far as the 1600s, and one of the church’s doorways datesĀ  the 1100s. But it doesn’t stop there. Evidence has pointed to the site beingĀ site being considered sacred since St Ninian visited in the late 400s, during a mission to the Picts.

Abercorn Church

Abercorn ChurchImages provided by Andree Poppleton.