Outlander season 5 update : Block 5 filming almost finished

Muiravonside Country Park

Great news! All indications are that Outlander season 5 filming is progressing well.

Earlier this evening a tweet by Matt Roberts pointed to work on the penultimate block of filming, i.e. episodes 9 and 10, being almost finished. It was only 10 days ago that Sophie Skelton posted on Instagram that she was “on way to #Outlander block 5 readthrough”. This suggests a turnaround of approximately 2 weeks per block. Or 1 week to film a whole episode. We know there is still post-production to consider, and the possibility of re-shoots, but this is an impressive pace. It would be unfair to suggest that filming may be completed by mid-October?

So who’s been filming? Sam, who recently won a Saturn award, let us know on Instagram that he was at work on Outlander. Caitriona, Sophie, Lauren and Cesar have all been filming too. Apart from suspicions that Fergus and Marsali may be spending more time at Fraser’s Ridge, it’s difficult to say anything more.

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What a journey….!! Ready for the next chapter? Season 5 penultimate block! @outlander_starz

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As expected, there is a hunger to find out what has been filmed. However, details about this has been sparse to non-existent. To be fair, this is understandable. As the season moves towards the final episode the plot will undoubtedly intensify, moving towards a series of conclusions. All of the cast and crew will be under strict instructions to ensure that no spoilers leak to the fans, general public or media.

Locations news has been similarly scant. The only news we received was from Sheryl A  on Twitter. Sheryl reported seeing Outlander being filmed at Muiravonside Country Park. This isn’t a new location, but is always good to hear about the Outlander team at work. Beyond that, very little location news is getting out.

So, all appears well. And with Matt Roberts revealing that he is researching book 6, A Breath of Snow and Ashes, we don’t expect the pace of progress to slow any time soon.