Outlander season 5 update : Block 5 filming ends and block 6 begins

Outlander Forest

Outlander filming keeps going. Latest news points to block 5 having finished and the final installment, block 6, being underway.

Block 5 was completed on October 8. Sam Heughan had mentioned that it was was the final day of filming for the block. Assistant Director, Patrick Conroy later reported work on the block finished. Now, just the final block of filming to go!

News of any filming dried up for a few days. What were they doing? Planning? Preparing? Learning their lines? Probably all three.

Outlander_STARZ as good as confirmed that the stars had been reading their lines in preparation for the final season 5 table read. That together with Sophie Skelton’s rainbow Instagram post, it was apparent that the final leg of filming had begun.

Another Instagram post on, again from Sophie Skelton, points to (at the time of writing : 16 – 17 October) filming taking place at ‘Fraser’s Ridge’. So, if you live nearby, and have the time, you know where to go. 🙂

As ever, we wish the cast and crew all the best with their efforts.