Outlander season 5 update : Filming of block 6 continues

Claire and Jamie, Big House, Outlander

Following on from Sophie Skelton’s comments about the start of filming for season 5, block 6, fans have been keeping an eye out for signs of filming. And there have been some good finds.

Claire and Jamie, Big House, Outlander

While fans have been looking out for indications of filming, Starz have helped peak everyone’s interest by releasing the above image of Jamie and Claire at the Big House. Fans were definitely impressed. Showing them together, both looking strong and determined, has been well received.

And could it also indicate more filming at the Big House?


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Season 5. Last block of shooting. Riding into the new week like J&C..! @outlander_starz

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Sam confirmed (6 days ago / 20 October) via Instagram that Sophie’s earlier comments that filming was indeed taking place. But we still didn’t know where.

Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t long before we heard some news. First reports were of filming at the Hermitage. Gary Chittick (@gbc123) and Graham Harris Graham (@GHarrisG) found signs of team Outlander at this beauty spot in Perthshire.

Suspicions were confirmed post-filming that Outlander cast and crew had been at work at this location.

Next we heard, on Friday, 25 October, about filming near Cambusbarron, near Stirling. Unfortunately, nothing more cam from this. It seems to have been the site for a one day (night?) shoot on the Thursday. By the time we were aware and could pass it on, the Outlander team were gone and the site returned to normal.

And that, for the most part, is where things seem to stand. I say for the most part because Richard Rankin posted on Instagram. Unfortunately, although our knowledge of Scotland and its scenery is pretty good, we weren’t able to determine any location from the background shown. 🙁


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You know you want this as your new wallpaper @outlander_starz

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OK. We reckon that there are only 3 weeks of filming left to go. Keep up the great efforts and let us know if you see any of our favourite cast and crew at work. We really appreciate your input.