Outlander season 5 update, Colin McFarlane, Caitriona Balfe and goat, all filming

Colin Mcfarlane and Billy Connolly

There’s been some notable news about filming for Outlander season 5. Tweets by Caitriona Balfe (plus goat), Colin McFarlane and some observant fans,  suggest that filming is going on at a good pace.

Caitriona and Colin both tweeted earlier today. Looking at the image in her tweet, it would seems that Balfe is hard at work. Colin McFarlane, who was fortunate enough to meet Scottish legend Billy Connolly, also indicated that he would be working today.

Similarly, he had tweeted to Tim Downie previously that he was going to see him this week.

So what about other actors? Sam? Sophie? Richard? And others? And where are they filming?

We can’t say for sure, but we can guess. Having heard, via fans, that a 2 week batch of work is about to start, we expect that there has to be a few other significant actors on site. We strongly suspect that the scenes being filmed by Caitriona will, if they are those from the book that we’re thinking about, include both Claire and Jamie. If so, Sam will surely be on site. Or be there soon. Tim Downie, as the above tweet suggests, is surely not going to be too far from wherever Colin McFarlane is filming. Beyond that it’s hard to say. Sophie and Richard aren’t giving much away. And neither are Maria, Duncan, Cesar, Lauren and co.

As for location, again we can only predict. We understand that there will be filming at Midhope Castle very soon, but don’t think it fits with current filming efforts. For now Cambusmore Eastate near Callander is our best bet.