Outlander season 5 update : September filming and locations news

Muiravonside Country Park

With the recent announcement of its premiere date we’ve been following the filming news for season 5 of Outlander with a little bit added anticipation. For the most part, it’s all looking very positive.

The biggest piece of news is probably that work has finished on block 4 of filming. Sophie Skelton posted on Instagram a few days ago say that she was on her way to an Outlander block 5 readthrough. Presumably blocks 1 to 4 are complete. So, with the general understanding that each block is two episodes, we can assume that filming for the episodes 1 to 8 has finished.


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Bed of clouds on way to #Outlander Block 5 readthrough ????‍♀️

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Fans have also been reporting sightings of possible Outlander filming. One fan, Sheryl A, reported seeing filming taking place at Muiravonside Country Park, near Linlithgow.

Iain in Crieff reported seeing an lot of movie trucks near Crieff, parked not far from Drummond Gardens.

With the help of observant local fans, this sighting was further confirmed to be team Outlander.

There was however some some other, not-so-good news. Steven Cree has taken the part of Gallowglass in Discovery of Witches. This is a great move for Cree. And it explains (or is at least consistent with) the recent (beard-related) reason given for cancelling filming at Midhope Castle. However, if he’s going to be busy with A Discovery of Witches, we have to wonder if he’ll he be available to appear in any future episodes of Outlander. Does this mean that we’ve seen the last of Ian Murray?

Hopefully we are unnecessarily worried about Ian. Apart from that, it’s good to see that the filming is all going well. And it’s always good to see new locations being used. Keep up the good work Outlander cast and crew.